People of the Abu Alkian (Abu al-Qi’an) Bedouin & Fellah clan moved to Negev at the end of XIX century, when the whole region has been under the Ottoman rule. The name of Abu Alkian stands for “Valley people”. According to the agreement made with El Huzayil clan, Abu Alkian has settled in the area of Shoval and stayed there until 1956 when due to a conflict with the neighboring clan, they were forced to leave.

Abu Alkian roamed the Negev area until they settled temporarily the same year in the Yatir area in coordination with Israel’s Military Command of that time. The clan was assigned to two settlements situated three kilometers away from each other – there was a need to keep such a distance due to internal conflicts inside the clan.

In accordance with evacuation arrangements made by Bedouin administration at the end of 1980s a part of the clan has settled in the village of Houra situated 3 km away from their previous residence point in Yatir. As of today the clan comprises of 4,300 people while 3,200 of them live in their homes in the village. As for the rest – around 1,000 people – they are scattered and reside in two main clusters.

In spite of an existing permanent habitation solution for the scattered clan members inside Houra village, they are reluctant to move into their new houses due to their intention to found a new agricultural settlement in Yatir. But this intention has not received any backup from the state – their request has been rejected by the CMPI (Committee on the Main Planning Issues) and even by the PM office.

The clan claims ownership of the land adjacent to Rahat, their primary settlement point when they first arrived to the region. The Abu Alkian people have no claims on the land in the Yatir area, since they moved there only back in 1956.