One of the two main clan factions residing outside Houra is settled approximately 1.5 kilometers from the village. There are two clan leaders – Issa and Moussa living in this cluster. A total of 260 people are settled here on the state lands designated to the future settlement of Hiran yet to be built.

The majority of the Moussa clan faction reached an agreement with state authorities and left the lands voluntarily for neighborhood 9 of Houra besides the elderly members of the family. All the Issa clan faction members, on the contrary, decided to live outside Houra in spite of expulsion orders received. There is a habitation solution for all the families who received expulsion orders – houses and lands prepared for them in the village of Houra. The evacuation process is conducted in accordance with the 1028 board resolution. Main resolution principles are as follows:

1. Every married couple is designated a free lot of developed land from the state. This lot has the entire necessary infrastructure – electricity, water and drainage system.

  1. Every single above the age of 24 also receives compensation akin a married couple.

  2. The amount of monetary compensation received by every household is several hundred shekels; in some specific cases compensation even exceeds one million shekels. Cash indemnity does not come at the expense of the free developed lot in Houra village received by every expelled household automatically.