Houra was founded in 1988 as a habitation solution for the Abu Alkian and Al-‘Atwana clans. Houra is situated a few kilometers away from their illegal settlement in the Yatir area, its population is around 10,000 people, one third of them belong to Abu Alkian clan settled in three separate neighborhoods:

  • Neighborhood 10: the first neighborhood built in the village, it has 180 lots. This neighborhood is fully populated; it is inhabited by clan members evacuated in the 1980s.

  • Neighborhood 4: it has 180 lots. It is inhabited by additional clan faction members evacuated in the beginning of 1990s. This neighborhood is also fully populated.

  • Neighborhood 9: it has 370 lots and is being populated at the moment. Partly its inhabitants are new-comers from the scattered factions, some moved into this neighborhood from the older neighborhoods – 4 and 10.

An 800 square meters land lot costs 60-65 thousand shekels for clan members or 22 thousand shekels for a demobilized soldier. These days a new neighborhood (neighborhood 12) is being erected for the Abu Alkian clan members.